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Who We Are

Team of collectors experienced in the Debt Collection Industry.


What We Do

Outperforming others by providing higher collection returns.

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Here We Are

We specialize in recovery of debt from many industries.

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It’s Simply Beautiful

The Kross Agency’s success in collections can be attributed to three key factors: calling smart, calling often, and making the most of each contact. Our advanced systems keep track of debtors who should be called. Then, our highly trained team of collection associates personally remedy each account.

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We Support Charities

We support local charities and organizations to help give to the community. By making donations year round we where able to save hundreds of children s life’s through out the world. We make changes that benefit the nation.

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Highly Trained Staff

The Kross Agency uses a sophisticated collection system and technologies to manage your portfolio. Our use of adaptive control systems enables us to enact customized collections strategies that are tailored to your needs. These technologies enable us to focus our efforts to control losses and maximize the performance of your portfolio.

Kross Statements

The Kross Agency provides a remittance statement and a check on a monthly basis. The statement reflects both agency payments as well as payments made directly to your company during this time period.

Skip Tracing

All debts requiring skip tracing are handled immediately. We have access to many on-line data bases that allow us to locate both assets and those people who are trying to hide from their obligations.

Easy for New Clients

We practice Fair Debt Collection Practices. Why hire The Kross Agency over another agency? First We Deliver when others cant! Following Guidelines and Deadlines is what is most important to us.

Core and Extras

The theme comes packaged with the core stuff that everyone needs, and none of the stuff that you don’t. Need more stuff? That’s easy – visit our Theme Extras library to grab the extras for your custom setup.

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  • New Partnership

    After working with the Staff at The Kross Agency I was able to receive 55% more return on debt. Their dedication to being the best at what they do has proven successful for them. I have visited their call centers and really like what I have seen. Always impressing me – Jase Wendon

  • Great Support

    “Professionals to say the least!” The Kross Agency was persistent and timeful on every project we worked on together. I have built a live long relationship with the employees. Making my collection issues a breeze. – Trae Anderson

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